Core Sins: Connections (part 3)

I drew this chart (click to enlarge) with my high tech colored pencils using the Enneagram to look at possible connections between related sins. It is crazy how it works and it makes total sense. Each core sin has 2 wings, one on each side, those sins are like occasional sin tendencies…from what I understand.

There are your core, wings, and security and stress.

In the above picture, you have an incoming arrow and an outgoing arrow to each number, the incoming arrow is a sin you may fall into when you are relaxed and secure, like being at home. The outgoing arrow is a stressor, when you are under pressure you may resort to that sin.

I tried to break it down for at least 7 of the sins on the other page/pic.  There are 9 total, 2 are missing…simply because I ran out of room on this page.

I also found it easier to figure out what my core sin was by looking at the personality types 1-9, (based on the Enneagram as described in the first post here) to help me figure it out. If I hadn’t done so,  I would have no idea that I had the core sin of Envy, but when you start seeing how the core sin relates to the other sins it starts making a lot of sense!!

Using the chart I made with Envy as the core sin ,you can see that the two wings are Lying & Greed. The incoming arrow, which is the security sin is Anger. I totally see this played out in my life..when I am at home and around family I have a tendency of getting angry easily, whereas when I’m around friends or work or the like, I would not be likely to act out in anger, raise my voice or yell.  The outgoing arrow in this case is Pride, which is the stress sin. So, the way this plays out is when I am under stress or a lot of pressure, I would revert to Pride…an example is if I am doing something, such as a project or task and under pressure but don’t want to ask for help, out of pride…I think that’s how that one works.

And so on with each different sin type.

Mind blown? haha, mine was, for sure!

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