Friday Fun – Random Finds

A few special (and extremely random) links for you to wander around at your leisure (or your boredom) this lovely Friday, I’ve been saving them all week!

1. This first stop will only take you 2 minutes. Exactly. Take a break and listen to the sounds of the ocean:

2. Next a little musical journey…or a musical maze. Enter the name of your favorite artist and it will lead you on a little adventure. Just try it. (via my dear Bea)

3. And if there are other Songwriters lurking out here…join me for FAWM, February Album Writing Month, a challenge to write 14 songs in 28 days during the month of February. Super simple to sign up for and link to any existing pages on the web like facebook, twitter, and other music/artist/band pages like reverbnation and more. I’m super excited! (via someone linked to it on twitter…I think? I don’t remember how I found it…all of a sudden I was just there and signed up right away!)

4. This is a little website made just for new graduates, almost graduates (graduating seniors) and post grads. It focuses on all the basics you could want to know “about life after college” with info about the basics you need to know about: Housing, Money, Career, Health & Lifestyle and even a Q&A section. As an example, The Health section gives you info on health insurance, and helps you wade through the confusing lingo and figure out what you need. (via Megan B. on tumblr)

5.  An interesting web app that looks like virtual or digital post-its. For the list maker who loves post-its but wants a digital alternative.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. These are random, but fun!! I wish I had time to do FAWM this year, but I won’t be able to. :( Maybe March. Maybe MAWM. Catchy, eh? :)

    Thanks for sharing. and two minutes of nothingness = ahhhhhh

    1. Lori Jo says:

      haha. thanks Mandy!

      is that the southern version of MOM!!!? haha

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