I bite my tongue like Willow Smith whips her hair

I bite my tongue like Willow Smith whips her hair.

I am very opinionated. But I find myself keeping those opinions very close and very guarded.  I am no master of debate, I do not enjoy confrontation, especially when I am being confronted, but I do enjoy a challenging discussion. My friend and brother Griffin and I bicker occasionally, but we know it’s not personal and are not going to hurt anyone’s feelings.

One of the reasons I keep my opinions to myself, are because it’s not worth “arguing” about. Especially if two parties are already a place of disagreement, I don’t want to add to the fire and take sides, even though I already have, but can see that the discussion isn’t gong anywhere.

Especially on the net, but also in real life.  I have been around long enough to know that taking sides and  making people feel bad is not the most Christ-like loving or gracious thing to do. I like keeping things around my homes around the net open and welcoming.

If you want to find out what I think about something that I disagree with, just watch my face turn color and my mouth close. I get really quiet. Silent opposition. I only discovered that I did this over the past year.

I’ve been thinking about sharpening my blog’s focus and audience and thinking through these ideas. I am working on developing a series for all the single ladies, called “the single girl” genius. I know. haha.  I have a lot of material to refine and hopefully turn into some helpful advice and encouragement for this audience.  I also have a few ideas that I don’t think would work…and I worry that I should bite my tongue…like challenging ladies with their appearance…for modesty and purity…not just in real life but also in their profile pictures and online presence…it seems innocent enough…right? But what if that turns someone away? Is that too much?

I am very passionate about modesty and purity…so as long as I strive to be gracious is that something I should put out there or save for private conversations? It’s not like I’m targeting an individual..right? And I want to stand up for that which I believe in…but I don’t want to isolate…

What do you think, dear reader?

PS If you are not a single girl, don’t worry, it won’t consume the blog, it will be a once or bi-weekly post series coming soon. :) I like my married and non-female readers too :)


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