Music Monday: Unto the Lamb

This past weekend I had the privilege of joining alumni and current choir members of Azusa Pacific University’s University Choir & Orchestra (UCO) and the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra to sing the Music of John Williams. Lots of fun. Anyways, more on that later…what I really want you to hear is this incredible new song (new to me) that the current UCO sang at our Friday rehearsal for the alumni (that includes me). It took my breath away. I googled relentlessly until I found what I was looking for. Of course there are several songs called Unto the Lamb. But I found it. Here are 2 different arrangements. Based on purely basic internet research (aka youtube) I learned the following:

The first video appears to be the original recording and arrangement, soloist + band + choir from Christ for the Nations, written by Brian Ming, and can be found on their Upside Down worship album, here.

And the second video is soloist + choir + orchestra from Prestonwood Baptist Church and as far as my research shows me it was arranged by Bradley Knight. There is a recording of it, here on itunes, listed under The Prestonwood Choir.

That is all I know. This song is amazing. And I find it fascinating to see the contrast and similarities of a more charismatic group and the Baptist church choir. I’ll let you decide which one you like better. I couldn’t decide…although I think hearing it live was the best thing.

Listen. And your heart will fall to the knees of …your heart…I can’t use words to describe the beauty…the melody…just listen.



I can see Jesus, high and exalted,
My eyes are fixed upon His face,
it shines like the sun.

I can see Jesus, clothed in glory,
He is high and lifted up,
And His train fills the temple

And all of the angels cry holy,
All the saints cry holy,
All creation cries holy,
Holy is the Lamb

All praise unto the Lamb Who sits on the throne,
Honor and power, dominion and praise,
Unto the Lamb, who was and is, and is to come!

Please tell me you love it too! :)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chile says:

    Oh hey! I just saw you blogged about it. Awesome. :)

    It really is an amazing song. I always love the “rock” breakdown towards the end of it. :)

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