My 2011 Blog Goals

I just have a few short and sweet goals to share:

  • more picture posts
  • sharing more of my music…more
  • more interaction (that’s where you come in :) )
  • a goal that I am working and processing through some ideas right now about doing regular posts directed to other single women about many different subjects that affect us Christian single gals. It is my hope that these would be intentional and encouraging but also a resource for girls, especially college age and under-30 girls, even beginning dialoguing and getting more conversation going.
    • If this interests you, I would love to hear back from you even if a simple resounding “YES!” :) And if you have ideas, let me know what topics you want included. Much more to come on this soon, Keep an eye out for ‘the single girl’ category!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Pauline says:

    Yes! :)

    My blogging goal for this year is to post every day.

    1. Lori Jo says:

      that is quite an ambitious goal! one I know I cannot keep! But hey, more power to ya!
      I’d rather post good content over quantity, and I’m not disciplined enough to blog daily! It’s my prerogative as a creative. I can’t write if I don’t feel like it :) hehe

  2. heather joy says:

    In regards to the single girls posts… yes. :)

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