starting the new year with a…sneeze

Not quite the bang I was looking for. In fact I’ve spent so much time sleeping or just doing those little activities to pass the time. I got sick on New Year’s Eve (and I  hope none of my 3 roommates got sick.) I had a fun time though…watching a roomful of college kids dancing while I stayed away from the heat of the crowd and swayed by the wall while clutching my tissues and water. But I rested all day so I would be able to be there for the best part. At midnight, we had an hour of worship music and prayer. It was the best thing ever. I only wish I wouldn’t have been so out of it and was with friends. But it was still awesome, there was no emptiness that I usually experience every NYE, not for loneliness, but for purpose. Not just to party, but to start the year right, with Glory to God. To see the passion of 800+ college students from the region and their passionate worship, just or more intense than their dancing the hour before. They were there to worship God. That was the best thing.

Here’s a couple pics from my week at the SD Winter Conference, the all pictures post is coming up next!

My Vitamin C boost: (I had 1 Power C Machine Nak3d Juice and 2 of these in 12 hours)

And just my outfit just for fun:

You wouldn’t know that I have a fever in this picture, except for those rosy cheeks. And it was a wild western theme, so I wore plaid, flannel and boots!

So yeah. I have a lot to say…but I haven’t figured out how to and what to share. I am trying to get a few things done in my room. And slowly working on my 26+page application for Campus Crusade and wondering what I’m to do in the months leading up to the staff training that won’t take place until the summer. And after having a very nice paycheck for the hours I worked in November, I wonder if I should be working, aside from babysitting. But I don’t have any answers. And I’m okay with that, today at least. I’m not in a hurry to go out and get dressed after being home on the couch in my PJ’s for the past 6 days.


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