All pictures post: #sdwc10 conference pics

Pictures from #sdwc10!!

Driving to San Diego is one of my favorites, it’s an oh so familiar and short 1.5 hour trip.

Big Welcome sign!

Rainy day…

Love seeing so many hands and hearts raised. In this particular shot everyone was singing with all their might: ‘I’ll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned’ Such a beautiful sight.

Blowing up a beach ball for one of the main session games. This was fun. I think I inflated my face too…

At the end of the game of tossing balls away from our side of the room, we had to count all the beach balls and raise em up. It was such a funny sight!!

There were about 800-900 College students in attendance at the 4 day conference and this is everyone in the front hallway/entry for the missions fair to explore all the possible places to go for short and long term missions. Really amazing to see so many students stirred up for God’s heart for the nations.

I’m resting before the NYE festivities and I’ve got a fever I think…so here I am…rosy cheeks and all

I was glad to have found this little hiding spot to sit and rest.

Almost midnight!!

“Glory to God forever!”

“Let God arise, Our God reigns now and forever”Woohoo! That’s a New Year’s Eve to remember!

I made lots of new friends and special thanks to the Fullerton CRU for letting me tag along with my roommates. (Awesome hilarious fun roommates, who of course are now my facebook friends!) I had fun singing at the open mic night and enjoyed the great teaching and seminars.


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