The power of The name

If you’ve been following my tweets or on fb, you’ll notice I’ve been tweeting about #sdwc10 which stands for the (Campus Crusade for Christ) San Diego Winter Conference. I’ve been tweeting quotes and other things about the “conf.” and had something that wouldn’t fit in a tweet. After our main seasion this morning with excellent teaching by a Biola professor, Tim Muelhoff (sp?); the men and women were separated into their own 2 sessions. Holly Ashman spoke in the women’s session and here is part of her challenge. (hopefully I’ll get to type up the rest of my notes as i go (free wifi, i think!) and post them here later today.

Holly’s challenge: to stop using the Lord’s name in vain. including popular acronym, “omg” even if you mean ‘oh my goodness’, what do others hear? we are far too lackadaisical about it. His name is the name that heals. The name that raises the dead, and turns hearts to him. The name of the Lord is powerful, it is a strong tower. Watch your words. It is a privilege to be allowed to speak His name.

Will u take this challenge with me?

image of hundreds of students worshiping, arms high and hearts abandoned. beautiful.



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  1. KellySinging says:

    It’s always bothered me to see Christians using that acronym. It is still breaking one of the ten commandments after all.

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