when the blog is quiet it usually means one of two things…

  1. I’m insanely busy and haven’t even opened my laptop in DAYS.
  2. I’m pondering many things and have more than I could say.

this time i’d say it’s D: all of the above. I worked  (in an office, grown up style) all of November and until last friday in a temporary clerical position. i cannot wait for my paycheck. it’s been a huge-big gulpsized blessing, and i’m making lists and revising all the ways i can spend, save, and give my money. excited to have cash to buy actual gifts for my fam bam. :D other things include: renew my expired passport and possibly upgrade my (piano) keyboard gear to a legitimate keyboard as opposed to the toy keyboard i currently use.

Now that you know I’m all superficial and junk..I’m really trying to be extremely wise with this paycheck.

December always finds me in a very reflective and contemplative state. So far I’ve made a short list of priorities for the year, and I’m working on a few specific goals, including songwriting/recording related goals…like: FINISH songs. I’d like a HUMONGOUS dose of musical discipline please…

keeping this short because i’ve got a couple fun end of year posts coming your way! ttfn!


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