How to show love and care for the musician in your life


  1. Encourage and support them with your words and actions by showing up to any events they play/perform at, especially the small ones.
  2. Encourage them by interacting with their Facebook page or twitter accounts. *like*
  3. Ask them about new stuff, ask: are you writing? How’s it going? Ask if they’ll share a new song with you. May take a bit of prodding. Encourage them to put up a new video. Offer to help give your time and resources.
    1. examples include…recording/shooting video for a music video, picking out new clothes for a photoshoot or even just their wardrobe.
    2. If you’ve got it, we’ll take it :)
  4. If you’re looking for gifts to give, notebooks, pens, Master Writer, money for music equipment, iTunes is always a good choice, and books, some musicians like having songbooks.
  5. The best gift I can think of right now is a weekend away with a nice (grand) piano and a comfy bed and place to write and create. Or even a regular date with said piano and space. An empty music hall or sanctuary with a beautiful piano and permission to be there and privacy is one of the biggest things I would love to have right now. Permission to create, uninterrupted, permission to be loud (space) and not critiqued, and freedom to create.


Remember we are creatives and that comes with a lot of pressure and chaos and requires a great deal of encouragement and support and even accountability in creating and writing new stuff.


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