jumping in

a few interesting developments since my last life update…

right up until the wednesday before the conference, I was starting to freak out about not being able to go to the conference that started on Friday. as i confessed my fears and emotions surrounding this to my small group on wednesday, I went home having been blessed abundantly by my little community and with every dollar i needed to pay in full. i was stunned, not because i didn’t believe…but because i was starting to believe that it wouldn’t happen to me. i was thankful, and so excited that i would actually be able to go.

the whole thing almost felt surreal. packing, preparing, driving out to anaheim, i was trying very hard to just be in the moment and breathe in deeply.

i just knew that this was going to be big…in some way it was going to be another place to stop and remember and build an altar… something significant would come about and  … that’s all i knew.

i parked, grabbed my bags and headed in to check in, got my room keycard, assigned to room with 3 other girls i hadn’t met yet, and handed my schedule and snack bag (bonus!) signed up for an interview… without any details or information about it.

i headed up to my room (on the 12th floor!)

view from our room:

met one of my roommates, and then met the other two much later that night.

did a little unpacking, getting settled and headed down to the Friday night meeting.

(you’ll notice I’ve shared my notes from this conference in the last few posts)

to be continued :)


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