crossroads notes 2: saturday morning

HERSH. (aka Roger Hershey) Fitting into God’s Will – Making Wise Decisions

You can listen to his podcasts on itunes, here’s the link:

the will of God is mysterious.

CALLINGkaleo (to call)

  1. primary: calling to salvation & sanctification
  2. secondary: calling to service (vocational)

fundamental identity (salvation & sanctification)


my UNIQUE way of serving CHRIST in the WORLD and in the CHURCH by BEING WHO He has created me to be.

// Principles in Decision Making: Acts 6, 8, 10, 13, 16

1. LORDSHIP (ask the question correctly:) How does my life fit into God’s will?
yielding my rights

2. PRAYER (aligning my will to HIS Will)

James 1:5. pray, search my heart…
How does the Lord answer our prayers?


reveals the heart of God, his purposes, plan & values


subjective means of discernment (helpful but not authoritative)

a. having a peace about it (emotion, valid, but not authoritative)
how do you know the source of peace is Christ, or not?

b. impressions (the Holy Spirit leading, dreams, visions)
always TEST against:

  1. Scripture
  2. objective Wise Counsel of other believers.

c. circumstances (open and closed doors)

obstacles may be there to give us the opportunity to trust him and for God to display his glory (moses, israelites & the red sea, what appears to be an obstacle is really an opportunity for God to display his glory.)

Proverbs 12:15, 1:5, 11:14, 15:31-33

Wise Counsel = People who know you well, include parents, and include objective perspectives.


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