crossroads notes 1: friday

Crossroads theme verse: Jeremiah 6:16

“Thus says the LORD, “stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and find rest for your souls.

Leverage your life and see God use you for the gospel, for the kingdom.

speaker: Holly Sheldon

“You never told me HOW wonderful He is!”

  • Be obedient in the small stuff.
  • Have a long view…not just a short view
  • Just TRUST HIM & OBEY HIM. (it really is that simple)
  • The best way to honor your parents is to Honor GOD. God will bless your family.
  • Trust Him for finances
  • All your needs will be supplied.

Pascal – whatever Jesus went through, we should too. [(need to find whole quote)]

we are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, precious. 1 Peter

  • walk by faith.
  • Kingdom purposes.
  • we are richer than the kings of old. watches, messages/messaging/txting/phones/internet/libraries.
  • we are a people lacking integrity.


It’s bad now…it’s gonna get worse. (politically, economically, etc)

Blessing doesn’t mean you’ll be without hardship, but that you get to see past the hardships.

Philippians 2 – Jesus came as a servant

CS LEWIS || A Pearl Diver. down to the dark, cold, pressure, slime, oozy depths, retrieves a dripping precious thing.  you, me, them

allow the difficulties to increase our resolve…not decrease

Jesus became Saviour because he chose to go down and do the most undesirable, straining and yet most necessary of tasks.

Pathway to the pearl. Called to be mini-redeemers


Revelation 5 || a strong angel cries and weeps, “who is worthy?”
new song…WORTHY is the LORD who was slain


LOVE goes into the Hard places, not because we’re so loving, but because One who lives, dwelling in us is LOVE and he gives us grace and courage.

  • Carriers of the living true Jesus. Not called to be nice people.
  • He makes us new. He came to make us ALIVE.
  • it’s about life. having it. not quality of life.

that is what the world has need for, what it is hungry for.—> JESUS. in me. HIS life IN me, through me. You will have no regrets if you FOLLOW JESUS and OBEY him and TRUST him.

  • Character.
  • Will you say yes?
  • Be Salt and LIGHT.
  • Leverage your life for His Kingdom. for His Glory and Gladness.



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