money can’t buy you love…

by flickr user:

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…for Christmas…and beyond…

After the conference I attended this weekend, I went to Rock Harbor’s 11am service since I was in the ‘hood. They talked about spending less and giving more. I think it’s a great idea.

I’ve been wondering lately about how to let our money talk…I ran into a Circle k for gas a couple weeks ago and saw some explicit materials and dvd’s behind the counter, and immediately decided not to return to any circle K again in the future, because I don’t support that. And as I made that decision…I wondered what other businesses I should intentionally either support or not support, whether small business, and whether Christian or not…but ethical, and businesses that support the community.

How does one go about this enormous task? Do we simply stop going to chain stores and shop only at small businesses? What do you think? I know it is only a small impact that I can make alone, but would love to see if any of you are already doing this, and if you have suggestions or resources to point us to serious stewardship and putting our money where our mouth is.


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