future dates and a million unknowns

so in my current temporary job i am scheduling classes for january-may 2011 and it freaks me out that i have ZERO clue what i will be doing at that time. so many unknowns. so many questions.

there is a conference this weekend (friday-sunday). an important one; so i thought for my next steps in pursuing/exploring this campus crusade stuff…and i can’t even pay for it.

this might be something that I have to wait til the last possible minute for God to provide…or I don’t get to go.

i seem to freak out every other day and sometimes multiple times a day. and then i just remind myself not to worry. and sometimes i go sit in the sunshine. it helped yesterday.

oh yeah and a cup of coffee. tasty black & white mocha, with really yummy foam.

deep breaths. i need to share my latest song with you guys soon. would you get on me to get that done? :) would you prefer video or garageband audio?



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