Inspiration board collage

I’ve had trouble focusing and spending more than a few minutes reading and journaling lately and today…and after looking a few ideas online I was inspired to get out my magazines, scissors, and glue and get some free flowing creativity going. I think it’s just what I needed. I’m headed in to a new office job tomorrow so it was fun to do this creative project tonight while listening to Erwin Mcmanus and an assortment of songwriters selected just for this project.

Here’s what I finished tonight:

Stack of magazines:
(I must admit it is very useful to have tons of Christian magazines because it makes it that much easier to find faith words. I cut up stuff from Relevant mag, Charisma, real simple, worship leader mag, a sweetwater gear catalog, Gospel for Asia, american songwriter and couple issues of woman’s day) so there you have a peak into my magazine preferences :)

Mostly finished

This one is more of a goals and strength poster and I have just started this one, nothing is glued on yet.


November Blog Fest


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  1. Ryan says:

    First of all- I love, love, love your site!!! so awesome! thanks for the RT on twitter- I love inspiration boards- though I do it in a digital way (keeps me from feeling girly)- it is a really great form of idea-creation!

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