november blog fest

I have joined a few others in participating in the #NovemberBlogFest, I heard about it from David, aka @david1222 who heard about it from Sean Durham, or @iamseandurham. It’s a good time for me. Lots of thinking. And when I don’t write or journal…my thoughts are even less clear or coherent, I become lost and unsure of what’s going on in my own head and heart when I don’t take time to write.

I’m not exactly sure if there are certain objectives, such as the nanowrimo people. (I’m not one of them). As far as I can tell the goal is simple. Blog every day of the month of November. So I’m working on that goal.

Anyways. I like November. It’s probably one of my favorite months, just because it means birthday time :) I just love birthday time. It has nothing to do with seasons. I’ve had summer and spring in November in other places around the world, so seasons don’t mean much to me. They change.

*The Medicine, by John Mark McMillan is an excellent writing and thinking soundtrack. It’s what I’m listening to right now, hence the random thought.

I’m not much of a goal setter…or rather I should say goal meeter.  I like goals. I hate not accomplishing them. Something I’m really good at, unfortunately.

There are the music goals…

  • getting my songs out of my bedroom bubble and I’ve offered that up to the Lord in prayer, asking him to provide the people and equipment needed to move forward and record stuff. (also need to keep praying, more than just a few times)
  • continuing to write songs. (and getting better at it & knowing what i’m doing)
  • getting better on the piano
  • guitar…?????

There are the random, miscellaneous goals…and projects…(they don’t really count as goals…do they?)

  • finishing craft & sewing projects, most of which are gifts (clock is ticking)
  • writing a special booklet addressed to teenage girls and young college girls, with a few specifically on my heart. i already have a title, and a basic outline. I just need to put it together.
  • a special story that I need to finish putting together that I am positive the Lord gave to me one night. I’m not really sure what to do with it…share it here??

There are the life goals…

  • moving out, moving in with sisters, living in community, and living closer to church
  • work..vocation…ministry…calling…the path is filled with questions and unknowns, but certain about who God has made me, at this point.

There are the ever present spiritual disciplines & intimacy with Christ that I want to be more present in my everyday…I have waves of consistency in my walk and then waves of lacking.  I’m afraid I’m at the end of a lacking couple of weeks. I have my excuses and junk, but I don’t want to have excuses. I want to be intimate and walking close in fellowship with my Saviour. One area that is sadly weak is prayer. I have a weak prayer life, though I desperately want to be a warrior.  I am learning and aware of my incredible selfishness and am seeking to live more selflessly.

Well this feels rather confessional. More to come.


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