having grown up all over the world and not having many old friends nearby…the handful of friends that I do have and are able to reconnect with are true treasures in my life. I got to see one such friend last week for her birthday and spent some time catching up and praying together. A true treasure, and such a gift of a friendship that is totally from God <3

Treasure friends are friends:

  • who know what your life was like growing up as an mk
  • who know what your parents actually do/did for work/ministry
  • who know what it’s like to live in another country
  • who can pick up a conversation even when it’s been a year or more

here we are a year ago:

so thankful for this dear friend

it doesn’t hurt that we have many other things in common, born in the same year with just 2 weeks between our birthdays, hearts for vocational ministry, wanting to make a difference, the world & missions, parents in the same field, and love for music, and knowing & pursuing God intimately (I know I’m missing some fun facts). She amazes me with her heart for justice and people and Christ.

i love you Stephanie!


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