how to vote (neutral resources)

a few last minute [neutral] voting resources that I found and wanted to share in case you are doing last minute research like I am and find it difficult to weed through the garbage and confusing mess of propaganda. These are easy, simple, understandable sites with great resources and information that is not in legal-garbage language.


Vote Easy
a friend posted a link to this site on facebook…it was interesting. I only semi-liked it, because it wasn’t thorough, but i liked the web friendly layout and visual appeal. you select your state and it walks you through a few steps right down to your district and shows you the congressional, senate and house candidates. you can select which issues are important to you (the tabs on the top of the page, shown in the screenshot above) and it shows you how the various candidates compare to your preferences. the only downside is there are a few issues that i probably cross parties (gasp…is that bad?!) on and so it didn’t really work for me. but still a cool tool and worth checking out.

VOTESMART (same website as Vote Easy, Vote Easy is a tool on the Vote Smart website)

US GOVERNMENT 101 (also from VoteSmart)

This is helpful if you are unfamiliar with the basics of politics like I am, but I can blame growing up overseas as my excuse. What’s yours? I’m going to read through these and try to better understand our political system.


for ballot measures and much more: simplified

Additional resources:

Article from Relevant Magazine, on why it’s important to vote in Midterm elections, and with a great quote from John Stott:

We can also all benefit from the advice of former Sen. Sam Nunn when asked what kind of candidates we should look for: Someone who lets facts determine their opinions and puts country above party. As John Stott has quipped, you don’t blame a house for being dark at night—you blame the people who don’t turn on the lights. When Christians can’t be bothered to bring the light of neighbor-love to the ballot box, we shouldn’t be surprised—or look for anyone else to blame—when those with less noble aims bend the machinery of power to their purposes. If we don’t show up to represent a God whose common grace serves the common good—sun and rain that nourish the wicked and righteous alike—who will?

Here’s to being an informed Voter!! Now, lets get out and vote!

DO you know of any good NEUTRAL informative voter sites? Neutral ONLY, please. No parties.


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