all my delight

in the past 2 months (+) God has been blowing my mind.  He’s been teaching me lots and lots and provided for me in so many ways. here’s some of what I’ve been learning about:

  • delighting in the Lord (Ps 37:4) this has taken on new meaning, truer and deeper meaning, more than ever before. gotta love the Living Word of God! He has shown me the importance and beauty of true intimacy with Christ. He has shown me that I am to find my identity in Him alone, only in Christ. All other things are secondary.
  • the beauty of waiting on the Lord. This year has been long and good. Hard and slow, and frustrating and restful and peaceful and challenging. A little bit of everything. But he has blessed me, and taught me so much.
  • He has taken me out of doing and serving a lot to very little and almost not at all, which is not something i did willingly. i like doing. but this season has been about being, not doing.
  • He has given me many opportunities to babysit several of our church families which has been a total blessing!
  • Encouragement has come from brief conversations with the parents of these families and this ‘networking’ has led to a mentor, and it’s been fun to see the little connections that are made from one family to another. gotta love my church :)
  • Connections and friendships and friends of friends of friends have led to interesting conversations, possibilities and future direction. More on this…here’s the Story:
  • My darling Kristen had a friend and we went and visited her on a Sunday afternoon. The conversation led to the idea of working for campus crusade. This friend happened to know one of the local regional directors of whose info she gave me so that I could contact her. We emailed back and forth for 2 days, Monday & Tuesday and then met on Wednesday evening to talk.
  • The result of that conversation has brought me to begin exploring this possibility as a future vocational thing (future as in next year, maybe) and to basically commit to volunteering with campus crusade and getting my feet wet and getting to know the organization and see if it’s a good fit. The rest is still indefinite and uncertain, but I am planning on attending a couple of their conferences, one in November, in about 3 weeks and another in December, over New Years Eve.
  • With money being tight I was starting to worry about being able to even afford attending either of these conferences, but I did my best to leave it in God’s hands. Then, this morning while having breakfast and tea with a beloved friend in L.A., I had a voicemail offering me a temporary office position for up to 2 months. (I did not apply for this job). I was so excited and stunned at how quickly God was answering my prayer(s) and how little (read as None, zip, zilch, nothing, nada) I had actually done.
  • God has been working very much in my life and things are working in such a backwards (to the world) way…I’ve done so little that it is SO obvious that God has His hand in my life, in my path, in my future and in my now. This has been such an exciting time to literally watch things unfolding in front of my eyes. To know that I’m not in control, but that God is, and that he is trustworthy. It’s a beautiful thing to be in the passengers seat, along for the ride, knowing that God has EVERYTHING in His sovereign hands, in divine control and that he knows what he is doing!

These are just a few of the things God has been doing. I hope I can share more of them and more thoughts…and I will have to now…that I have accepted the challenge from David to blog every day in November!  :)


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