one month away

it’s not much of a big deal anymore…birthdays…at least that’s what it seems like. it sucks not being a kid anymore, because it just isn’t as fun. but seeing as i need the practice, i’m gonna keep having a birthday party in preparation for the big ones coming.

i’ve been thinking about ideas the past two days and am excited to start spreading the word.

since my bday is on a tuesday this year (lame!) I’m working on a little late night dessert night and also a very special dinner party later that week for just a handful of friends and family (this is the tricky part!) but thinking how many people i will be cooking for makes it easy to keep it small!

that’s it…nothing exciting…just insane to think that this year is coming to a close…it always feels that way as soon as the fall birthday season begins and with mine in november and Christmas around the corner…the year is almost gone.

but I’ve got much to be thankful for. so that’s why i celebrate!


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