dating rules for single girls

Every so often I like to review my notes from important series, or quotes, or special lists of things I’m looking for/watching out for in a guy, in my self and to encourage other single girls.  Everything I have learned in the past few years has been from church or a couple books. I’d like to share the important stuff with you for your consideration.

Here are some of my dating rules, I’ll be adding to these:

Rule #1
Guard your heart. (prov 4:23)
Don’t give your heart away. Minimize baggage you share. Go in SLOW before you give your heart away.

Rule #2
Girls don’t initiate.
It’s confusing enough. {MEN: Please be INTENTIONAL. DELIBERATE. But don’t drag your feet. Take the RISKS. ASK. Please PURSUE, prayerfully.}

This is from an awesome series we did at SCU (Sandals College United) by Justin Pardee at Sandals Church a couple summers back called the Backseat. I took a ton of notes, as there was tons of great material to hang onto.

God’s Plan for Dating:


Very simple. Very important. I think it helps to weed out a TON of bad relationships, just by taking these into consideration.

Maturity: pretty straight forward right? Don’t be ambiguous. Be INTENTIONAL. (Men, this means step up and take the lead)

Holiness: Purity. Called to be set apart. DON’T Compromise. Ever.

Respect: Don’t expect anything less than respect, kindness, & tenderness. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Girls, Do they want to protect you? You deserve respect.

Wisdom: Be Wise.

What about you? Do you have any dating rules? “Basic principles”? :)


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