Why the Koran Burning is Foolish – A Global Christian Perspective

I first heard of the Florida Church Koran Burning from NPR in my twitter feed from this article: Indonesians Protest Fla. Church’s Quran-Burning Day, I proceeded to follow up and read a few more articles to get more background.

There are so many things that could be said, I think the main thing is that they, the so-called church and it’s leaders and everyone behind this are not even considering the consequences of their actions and threats. (I say so-called because I question the legitimacy of their version of Christianity, more thoughts on the church below). There could be a ripple effect of consequences, very bad consequences, and all for what? To prove a point? That’s hardly the way of the gospel, is it? Just a few thoughts here:

  • Rick Warren calls bookburning a cowardly act.
  • Even the Vatican has released a statement, calling it outrageous
  • It is culturally insensitive, with a very ignorant perspective, lacks any wisdom and completely ignores history. Aren’t we supposed to learn from history?
  • 3000 Muslims in Indonesia protested the Koran burning. I think that says something. And every Christian in that country could be at risk.
  • Puts the lives of Christians & Missionaries around the world at great risk, to further persecution and even death
  • Not to mention the political unrest that could result…but I’ll leave that to the experts, who are already voicing their concerns about the threats to troops in Islamic nations.

I’m not going to link to the church here because they don’t deserve the link. You can google it if you want. But my research led me to the conclusion that it is an extremely charismatic church, and from some of the things I’ve read, a possible cult leader. (nothing against charismatic churches, just the extreme ones). Just another reminder to test everything and look out for false doctrine and false teachers.  Jone’s methods are not acceptable, and I refuse to believe that God told him to do this.

For a much more thorough look at 10 Reasons to NOT Burn a Koran click here for an excellent piece.


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  1. Jimmy Kinnaird says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, and the plug. I really like the look of your site and the focus.

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