When do you feel God’s pleasure?

I won’t ever forget

those moments that are BIGGER than me
moments that I experienced God working through me

moments that are beyond words, beyond explanation because they are filled with God’s presence.

There are two distinct things that have led to these occurrences, in my life, which are rare:

1. the first time I remember experiencing the JOY of God’s pleasure was as I lead worship during my internship. I just remember being so filled with Joy that I called my friend and had to tell her about it as I drove home.

I have noticed since then that it doesn’t happen as much or as often because maybe, just maybe I’ve put my ability in front of God’s Spirit to lead. Or maybe even my fear of inadequecy gets in the way of allowing God to work through me.

2. Most recently, twice this year, out of obedience, after I’ve written a song, and I share it with others in a worship setting and I hear them begin to sing along,

the moment when I look up and listen as others are genuinely worshiping the Lord, not just looking at me singing along, but eyes to the heavens or eyes closed, hearts bowed, true worship happens.

that is the moment

that is filled with JOY beyond words, I just can’t help but laugh, because of the Joy in that moment.

I can borrow the words of the Eric Liddel, the olumpic runner who said, ‘when I run I feel God’s pleasure.‘ Because that is the only way I can describe it. I feel, I experience, God’s pleasure when I bring a new song in worship. When I share something that I have labored on in the secret place and expose my heart to be seen by all.

John 4:23-24


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