top 25 most played songs

I’ve had my computer for a year. I love it. And my iTunes. I love the smart playlists. Especially the one called: Top 25 most played songs.  here they are:

  1. Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture (45 plays)
  2. Made to Love You – Misty Edwards
  3. Show Me What It Means – Meredith Andrews
  4. Flight – Ian McIntosh
  5. Break the Chains – Misty Edwards
  6. Waiting for the Rain – Misty Edwards
  7. Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful – Melissa How, Jesus Culture (Keith Green)
  8. I Saw You Running – All the Bright Lights
  9. Alive (An Intro) – Ian McIntosh
  10. I Belong – Kathryn Scott
  11. I Will Waste My Life – Misty Edwards
  12. Oh You Bring – Hillsong United
  13. Sing My Love – Kim Walker, Jesus Culture
  14. The New Song We Sing – Meredith Andrews
  15. I Will Exalt You – Hillsong/Brooke
  16. His Glory Appears – Hillsong/Brooke
  17. The River – Meredith Andrews
  18. Like A Star – Britt Nicole
  19. It’s Your Love – Hillsong, Darlene
  20. Treasure – Meredith Andrews
  21. Servant of All – Misty Edwards
  22. Yahweh – Tal & Acacia
  23. Chest of Drawers – All the Bright Lights
  24. The Door – All the Bright Lights
  25. Yahweh – Hillsong (32 plays)

The only thing I’m not sure about is if it includes iPod/iPhone plays. But either way, it’s a fascinating way to look back. See any themes? :) Next time, most recent!


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