Thinking Theology

Ok…so I’ve been thinking. I love theology, and have even pondered getting my Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies/Theology Ministry etc, so I can keep studying. Little known fact: I was in grad school, for a semester, got an A, but I took a long break, and decided that particular program & school wasn’t for me. I do hope to go back to school at some point. Anyways, with all this talk about Piper, and different labels and junk, that I’ve been thinking about here and there. I would like to keep digging and learn more and shape a clearer understanding of these labels and form my own convictions based on Scripture.  In addition, I believe that a strong foundation in theology/scripture is essential to being a worship leader and songwriter. I look forward to learning and growing.

This is going to take some time, it won’t be a short blog series by any means. But, I will be doing the research, and would enjoy sharing what I’m discovering and learning while I go along. Sound good?  I am going to do some preliminary research and hope to get started posting here in the next week. The goal will be Tuesdays or Thursdays, I don’t want to restrict it to be one or the other, but still have some sort of target here. Who knows, maybe I’ll do more, and end up doing twice a week. We shall see. :)

Just so we’re all clear, I’m going to be looking at Theology/Systematic Theology (review) Doctrine, Denominational differences etc.  I hope to be able to share some of the differences, reflections, as well as draw conclusions…we’ll see. :)


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