The Me I Want to Be

i am thankful for friends who make me laugh. because the last thing i want to do is wallow. I’m so over wallowing, it doesn’t get you anywhere. And I read this excerpt last night, from John Ortberg’s The Me I Want to Be. I highly recommend this book. I loved it, just finished it.

When we live in isolation, we are more likely to give into temptation or discouragement. We are more likely to become self-absorbed. We are more likely to spend money in selfish ways.

Not only do we suffer when we live in disconnectedness, but then other people whom God placed around us get cheated out of the love God intented us to give them.

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This book has so much good stuff. Ortberg emphasizes the importance of the Holy Spirit in our spiritual lives, as opposed to religion and checklists and pursuing connectedness and flourishing with the Spirit:

We flourish when our spirits are rooted in and shaped by the Spirit of God — and God wants to do that in a way that uniquely fits us.

I love this idea of flourishing:

God designed you to flourish “so that” you could be part of his redemptive project in ways that you otherwise could not.  He wants you to flourish “so that” people can be encouraged, gardens can be planted, music can be written, sick people can be helped, or companies thrive in ways they otherwise would not. When you fail to become the person God designed, all the rest of us miss out on the gift you were made to give.

The Spirit always flows through us so that others might flourish as well. Anytime you see life flourishing, it is receiving nourishment from beyond itself.

To live in the flow of the Spirit means doing what Jesus says.

He speaks of the uniqueness of our spiritual lives, the way we connect with God:

God never grows two people the same way. God is a hand-crafter, not a mass-producer.

These are just a few of my favorite thoughts from the book. There is so much more. He also talks about the need to prioritize for connectedness with others, life-giving, deep relationships.  The last few chapters touch on the need to flourish in our work, in chapters 19-20: Let God flow in Your Work, and Let Your Work Honor God. It’s a very encouraging and well rounded book.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bea says:

    That was greatly needed. It refreshes and brings hope to me, something I really need at the moment. I misssss you. As soon I get to Riverside we must catch up.

    1. Lori Jo says:

      thanks Bea Love <3

      1. Lori Jo says:

        p.s. I miss you. let me know the MOMENT when you return :)

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