tired of the desert

i’m tired of being in the desert.

just the other day i even started writing a song called ‘take me out of the desert.’
i’ve just been feeling empty and dried up and lacking in joy and life.

{my view at sunset and rainfall}

then, the rain clouds hovered overhead, and i was looking forward to the the coming of the rain. (i despise cold, winter and pouring rain and the traffic) but this was a different kind of rain. in 100+ degree weather, the cool raindrops brought relief and refreshment.

as i sat outside on the ramp leading up to the front porch, watching the ball of fire setting for the day,  i prayed silently, hoping…HOPING…that with the raindrops I could feel on my face, that an outpouring of spiritual refreshment of LIFE and JOY would come again soon.

that something would change, be it job, or ministry, or just something. so that i can feel like i’m living, to be fully ALIVE. that i can feel like i’m useful for the kingdom. living the life he has for me and serving and doing His purposes for my life.

this is my prayer in the desert,
when all that’s within me feels dry.
this is my prayer in my hunger and need,
my God is the God who provides.

{i guess technically this should be called introspective part two…but I think that is silly, because the majority of my writing is introspective. so there you go, ixnay on the eries-say.}


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