Friday Fun: Favorites

some of my favorites:

1. sisters! she was learning to walk as i learned to roller skate, at 7 years old.

2. the worship central conference, may 8, 2010. a day that i will not forget. life and calling affirming, encounter with God as I was annointed with oil, prayed over, and encouraged, and filled up, and so, so excited for the things to come!!!

3. i love sitting down at a grand piano and playing the keys. i feel like a better player, a greater creativity flows when my fingers touch the keys. so much different from the plastic toy i practice and drag around. upgrading is long overdue. one day.

4. Great Awakening worship is one of my newest favorites. The album is Cities, and my favorite song is Dependency. (you can download the album for free or as much as you want to donate at check it out!)

5. roller skates!! i would like to have my own pair (again) and skate on a regular basis, for fun, and as a workout. (i have wanted to do this for a while…seeing Whip It recently, just underscored my interest!!)

What are some of your favorites?


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