Catalyst Highlights

I have had some stuff written down, but wasn’t sure how to finish it. But, since I’m headed to Worship Central today, I figured I should get my Catalyst stuff finished so I can share the Worship Central stuff next!

Here are my highlights:

of course! Hanging out with Carlos, and getting his fresh CD before it came out!

the worship and teaching were amazing.


John Ortberg opened up the main event for  me with his teaching on Wednesday night.  I experienced God’s presence and recognized that he was doing a work in me, stirring me up at this time. (more of my notes from most of the sessions referenced here will be in my next post).

Mark Driscoll had lots of encouragement and truth to share. (lots of notes to add to this)

Louie Giglio was amazing. all of these guys are anointed, and I was truly blessed to be a part of this conference, to hear the incredible teaching, to be encouraged and affirmed, and God to be using so many of these leaders to work in my heart.

Dallas Willard is such a wise old soul, and it is incredible to see/hear this author/teacher that I have read before.

Scott Belsky – author of Making Ideas Happen and behind the Behance network of Creatives. I took a TON of notes from both his lab and his main session. “Nothing Extraordinary happens by ordinary means.”

Erwin McManus – a favorite of mine, I first heard him at chapels at APU, attended a service at Mosaic my senior year, and recently read Soul Cravings. He closed things off for me, I really loved what he had to say, and I was exceedingly encouraged by his message.

Worship/Music/Spoken Word Poets/Rap:

  • Candi Pearson – Shelton – um…I want to be her. she’s is unbelievably amazingly gifted, talented, and anointed. WOW. God did good.
  • Carlos Whittaker so fun to worship with my old worship pastor :D
  • Aaron Keyes – legit.
  • Chris Tomlin – Thursday night worship concert + Louie Giglio’s teaching. ‘Our God’ was my favorite song of the night.
  • Propaganda – “I am not the artist, I am the canvas.” Spoken Word Poet/Rapper/Hip Hop Artist
  • Zach Williams – this dude has a gift for writing from the depths of the soul.

And I can’t end this without a shout out to my amazing leaders for Resources team: Danielle, Jill, and Melissa. Awesome ladies, it was a blast serving with you!


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