• this is my current desktop image. it is a wind poppy. a picture that I took a while back at the Sherman Library and gardens in Corona Del Mar/Newport Beach area. I took about 28 shots of just this one section of the garden, two or three different color poppies, gorgeous pinks and purples. I love the colors. and the macro feature :D {please feel free to click on the image and save the full size one. let me know if you need a larger size}
  • still trying to catch my breath after catalyst and make time to listen, sit still, and pray. a few posts coming soon with highlights, and then some of my notes from my favorite sessions.
  • I could use some serious encouragement and cheering on if you are reading this. God is stirring me up like crazy, and working working working in me. I am getting the notion that a leap of faith is on the horizon…really struck by Abraham’s obedience, from Hebrews 11:8 “By faith Abraham obeyed…And he went out, not knowing where he was going.” I’m still trying (maybe too hard, maybe not hard enough) to determine a clearer picture of what kind of leap is involved. I’ve just got a few vagueities at the moment. (yes i think i made up a word…)
  • I think bullet points rock…
  • lots of things are coming to a close, WAVE is about finished, last week was my last week leading worship there, and RD is a couple weeks from over, and I’m slowing getting detached. I think this is God’s doing, uprooting and detaching me, in preparation…?? possibly.
  • I love what Bethany taught us last week in WAVE, about the importance to pray specific prayers, and that we have the privilege to approach God, and make our requests, boldly. If you are thinking of praying for me, scattered throughout this post are several prayer points (in bold).
  • I’m not actively searching for a “job.”  I am looking for opportunities, ministries, and churches. I am trying to focus on turning my website into my resume with more content, songs, and stuff. I am very thankful for the babysitting jobs that I’ve had that have helped me to pay my bills (staying current) and fill my tank along the way, these past few months. I’ve had many conversations that continue to affirm and encourage me forward, even though what lies ahead is unknown.
  • I’m totally overwhelmed by our kitten/cat situation. it’s an endless cycle and we need help.
  • Can I pray for you?

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