remembering my dad – 2 years in Heaven

Today, April 20, 2010 marks 2 years of my dad’s trip to Heaven. Dad went on a lot of trips, and so it seems appropriate to call it his one-way trip to Heaven, on April 20, 2008. It marks a day of relief, when his pain finally was gone, and our prayers for healing finally happened, just in a different way. We rejoiced that he was finally free from the pain and agony of cancer, and was with his Saviour, for whom he served faithfully, truly deserving of the words: ‘Well done, faithful servant’. I don’t know how I’ll feel on this day, but I’ll probably be fine. I’m always fine, it’s confusing.  I do want to recognize and remember him though. I’m working on a song about my dad, but it’s not ready yet. Actually I could probably write a bunch of songs about my dad, so I’m working on just one of the first songs about my dad. Working title: More Than I’d Like To Admit.

The best way to remember for me is to look at photos and remember the good things about his life.

phil & becky – married 29 years

We’ve also had the joy of looking through some old slides of photos that he took back in his college days at Moody and before he and mom were married and some after I was born. Here are a couple of those pictures, from my dad the hobby photographer: with special thanks to Daniel Balboa for scanning these for me. :]

mom, me and one of her bridesmaids.
someplace beautiful

me :]


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  1. Liz Leary says:

    I’m glad I took that picture of your mom and dad in the Riverside hospital. It turned out pretty good — I did ask your dad to smile and he said he was smiling!
    I love you, Lori :)

    Your father had a plan and a purpose to his life – that he would bring honor and glory to the Lord and he did his earthly best to do just that. He was a teen-ager when I first met him at Pine Valley Bible Camp — Bruce was program director that year. Then I met him again after he brought a beautiful young bride home from college days at Moody…and then after a while, YOU were born :) We enjoyed having you and your parents live with us in Pine Valley as they made application to Wycliffe. I told your mom my present to her for your birth, was to let her just sit and hold you, feed, you, etc., and not have to worry about helping with the dishes, cooking or anything else, because I knew she needed that time to really bond with you :) The days were coming when she’d have to oversee all the other, giving directions to others, but carrying the burden of responsibility…so when your baby sis was born, I got a letter from your mom wondering where I was :)

    I believe it was then she really appreciated having had that precious time to hold and get to know you!

    And now my lovely Lori, God has a very special plan for you and your life…it is also that you will bring honor and glory to HIM, and I believe, from what I have seen and heard of you, that you are striving to do just that. Remember, God’s time is NOT the same as our time…so when we think He should be acting on our behalf, He smiles, looks at us and maybe says, “….in a second!” And whoa, sometimes that turns out to be human years or decades! However, He alone is God and He doesn’t have to answer to anyone for how or why He does things.

    Jeremiah 29:11 says He has a plan for you to give you hope and a future, and I believe as you continue to keep your eyes on Him, you will see that He is faithful to keep His word.

    I love you, Lori :)
    Liz Leary

  2. Lori Jo says:

    I love you, Liz. thank you xoxo :] <3

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