Music Monday: Vicky Beeching

Welcome to Music Monday! I’ve got a special treat for you today!

First, check out Vicky Beeching‘s latest video in which she shares about her new album, ETERNITY INVADES. I love hearing from the artist firsthand. Check that out, and then enjoy my review of the album. :)

Excellent new worship album, by UK born Worship Leader, Theology degreed, traveling, self-professed social media/tech loving, mismatched sock wearing Vicky Beeching.

I have chosen the following songs which I marked in my iTunes ratings as 5 stars, as I listened to them, indicating that they were my favorites :]  I have been listening to the music of Vicky Beeching for several years, and been able to see her in concert a few times.  Even had the pleasure of meeting her face to face after shows and seeing what a gem she is in real life.  She certainly is the real deal.

When I first heard this song on the EP, I immediately loved it. I love the truth, the powerful scripture and theology declared in this song. I love this line/scripture that declares: Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is hope, Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is healing. AMEN! That just stirs your soul and excites and brings hope – true HOPE, FREEDOM, & HEALING in Christ. I believe this is a powerful song, and chains can be broken as people hear and sing these words.

I was looking forward to hearing this arrangement, and I was very pleased with the sounds. Just when I thought I was tired of the Fee band’s arrangement, comes this marvelous and very distinct/contrasting arrangement of the very same song, that Vicky and Steve Fee co-wrote. I love this so much more, perhaps because I listened to the other version too many times in prep and rehearsals. (it happens). But this arrangement is so refreshing, and has a very reverent spirit. I also love the end of the recording where you can hear Vicky and her gang vocals just worshiping Jesus. It’s a beautiful sound.

Vicky spotlights this song on her latest EPK video (posted above) sharing about the nearness of her heart to social justice, and offers a bold, and timely challenge to Christians and the church everywhere that: it’s time to live the songs we sing/ to turn our good intentions into action/to bring the kind of worship you desire/move beyond our self-absorbed distractions// [chorus:] break our hearts/with the things that break yours/wake us up to see through your eyes/send us out to shine in the darkness. // [v2] to see beyond our churches and our homes/to change the way we think and how we spend/until we look like Jesus again// inspiring and motivating, a great song to challenge everyone.

This is a sweet, beautifully melodic and lyrical piece.  The instrumentation is beautiful, with a light piano, and a gorgeous violin and cello accompaniment, and finally the incredible harmony of the gorgeous voice of Evan Wickham.

This is exactly the type of song that I LOVE THE MOST, and will be singing myself. It is a beautiful prayer: Give me an undivided heart, I want to love you with every part, give me an undivided soul, I want to be yours alone... AMEN!  I think her voice really shines on this track, the most than any of her other songs, and ever before, it’s very tender, passionate, almost raw, but in the best possible way. It’s a beautiful love song.  The instrumentation is simple, a gentle piano accompaniment, which allows the melody, her voice to really shine on this beautiful song.

THE REST OF THE SONGS (shorter song descriptions/summaries)

SIDE NOTE: The funny thing about reviewing and listening while I write these notes down is, even though the favorites stand out at first, as I go back and look at the ones that are secondary, I start to appreciate these other ones more and more as I examine the lyrics and think about what it is that I like, melody, lyrics, instrumentation, arrangement, harmony etc. It really makes me realize what a SOLID album this really is. It is filled to the brim with excellent songs. Almost each song would easily fit into a church service/worship set, which I’m pretty sure is Vicky’s hope and intention. Back to the songs:

  • Salvation Day is a fun rock sounding tune. My favorite line is from the bridge: Here we are rescued and ransomed/Sing it out this is our anthem/Shout it out we’ll live forever.
  • Blessing and Honor is full of vivid word pictures, and the album title comes from this song. For example: the atmosphere is changing/as eternity invades/suddenly above us/the floor of heaven breaks/as your spirit falls down/we will say Blessing and Honor…
  • Breath of God opens with a lovely violin & cello part. The first verse stands out to me, taken from Genesis 1 in a refreshing and creative lyric.
  • Inhabit the Praise – This is a great invitation, inviting God to: inhabit the praise of your people// and the second verse: Gazing at your beauty/Lord Your face will make us new/thirsty for your whispers/chasing after more of you…
  • One Day – I love how Vicky takes a scripture and turns it into a fabulous melody. This song is a great example of that:Every knee will bow down/Every tongue say out loud, You are Lord of Earth n Heaven/ Every hand will be raised in the thunder of praise/ You are King of all creation, They’ll say, One Day.// Wonderful. Love it.
  • Refuge – I really, really, really like this. [3 really’s = Love] It didn’t stand out to me at first, until I began to examine the lyrics. It’s a combination of a couple different psalms. I really relate to God as my refuge, so I can imagine that I will be leading/singing this song very soon.
  • Listening – Speak Lord, You’re servants are listening. A beautiful, powerful prayer, asking God to speak, a reminder to be still, to be quiet, and to listen. The gentle, vibey, quiet instrumentation complements the lyrics perfectly, with plenty of space at the end of the song for listening.
  • The Wonder of the Cross – A beautiful hymn-like anthem.

I HIGHLY recommend Eternity Invades. I could not be more excited about this new project that our dear Vicky Beeching has poured her heart into. Vicky is a skilled lyricist and excellent songwriter, there is no doubt. This collection of songs is absolutely fantastic, and each song stands out on its own, there are no filler songs on the 13-track album. Each song is rich both in depth, content and great musical arrangements. I think we get an incredible glimpse into this dear, young; yet wonderfully mature woman of God – sweet British heart of hers. She is such a gift to the worship community, to fellow women in worship and the body of Christ. Well done, Vicky. I, for one, am continually thankful for you, and for your incredible ministry, your heart, and example.

Vicky has done an excellent job of keeping each song sounding fresh, and each song has it’s own distinct voice or sound, and none of them blend together as some recordings can tend to sound.

{I just have ONE problem. I don’t know what song to teach first…! Undivided Heart, Deliverer, Refuge…I could go on…}

What are you waiting for? Listen for yourselves, and get the album and start singing these songs in your churches!

Here is the download link:

Your turn: Have you heard any of the songs yet? Which ones are your favorites? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Lori Jo says:

    Sorry for the lengthiness! I like to be thorough…and I could go into more detail..but I didn’t want to spend all week writing! Hope you all enjoyed it :)

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