Happy Easter!!

Springtime and specifically Easter has very, very often been a significant marker/milestone in my spiritual life. here are some of the MAJOR ones.

Easter 1987
when I was 5 years old my mom says that I heard the gospel in 3 languages and prayed to ask Jesus into my heart.

the week after Easter in 2000
when I was 17 I chose to be baptized; to be buried with Christ, and made alive in Him.
that was ten years ago.

And what a journey he has taken me on, all the days of my life.

2007 and 2008 were the worst years. with cancer and death marking them. death is not the end.

2009 was the first time I watched the Passion of the Christ, and I was disappointed in my lack of emotion. And as a leadership team, we read through John together in the week leading up to Easter.

now that it’s Easter 2010 I truly hope for a new spiritual marker this Spring. and I think I’m seeing a few new things popping up.

Hallelujah! Christ is Risen! He’s Alive!


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