my love affair with blogging


it all started with XANGA. back in the summer of 2004.    remember xanga? I had a few friends on there, including  one friend who was studying abroad, and we kept in  touch with that way.

i used to go by ising4jesus and then grewupinahut and then it turned into bamboosong.  the funny thing is i don’t know  how i came up with bamboosong…i like bamboo and i  like singing…i don’t remember anything more clever or  interesting about how that came about.

i tried a few things out like Opera, blogging
there for a short amount of time, and then I found which i really liked and used for a good while.

and then I jumped over to wordpress. was my faithful        blogsite until not too long ago, when i randomly checked to see if was available, it hadn’t been initially, so i was excited to see    that it was.  i was ready for some fresh blog changing and to update and reorganize my categories by starting over. I’m still transitioning my old archives over a little bit at a time.

ever since I began blogging I’ve grown to enjoy playing around with blog themes and designing blog headers, making my little web home my own little space.  In the past year or so I have committed to using only my own photos and artwork, including photos of myself, and if I use other images I always attribute the work to the artist and link back. I prefer using my own images.

i love technology :] &hearts :D <3


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