My first impressions of Sandals Church

I found this blog in my old archives, and realized it was too good not to share, almost 5 years later. Enjoy!

My First Impressions of Sandals Church and what is now SCU – the college group

originally dated October 7, 2005

…In other news I have (I think) found a new church, Sandals Church, a good size church with a good focus, “being real with ourselves, others and God” that’s really what I’ve been looking for, (I think) and the pastor is young and I really enjoy his heart and his messages.

I signed up for a College Group, for their current sermon series about Counter Culture, and I got to meet a bunch of new college people on Sunday when I was invited to lunch and again on Wednesday night at the small group meeting. A rather large small group, but it breaks off into “D-groups” hmm…where have I heard of those before?? ;) (answer APU)

Story time….(true story)

I really like the way they have it set up, you arrive at this house and there are cars lining the street and there is a sign in front telling you that you are at the right place and telling you to go in, and after setting your purse down on the designated-purse-table you walk to the backyard where there are some tables and blankets on the backyard.

There is dinner, which you happily partake of, and slowly meet more new people, and again the same people from Sunday. You meet a girl (Becca) who both recognized each other and tried to figure out where you had seen her before and it turns out, as you had suspected that she was in UCO 2 years at APU as a transfer student, and she has an amazing voice despite being sick that evening. You enjoy your dinner as you talk to other people and enjoy the background music that includes Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” which takes you back to High School Camp this past summer. Announcements are announced…from two silly college kids on microphones and behind them is a projector screen and projector. (Jamie Altheide & Travis Gilbert I believe) The screen is blowing back and forth in the strong winds looking like an old ship’s sails.

After the announcements are announced in their entirety, the worship band gets in place on the deck and it was a really awesome environment, backyard, picnic tables, blankets, and worship under the fading sunset, now twilight, now under the stars and the crazy wind thats blowing in your face.

‘Indescribable, Uncomparable, You placed the stars in the sky and you know them by name!’ Wow, God is soo incredible. After a meaningful musical time of worship and prayer, the host (Justin Pardee) sits down and after having a passage read, starts sharing and gives us his thoughts about the message from Sunday, and gives us the question that we will be discussing in our d-groups. He reminds us that the theme he put on the banner outside: “keeping it ridiculous” is to remind us of how backwards Jesus’ thinking was to the culture. We are not supposed to be normal, or like or of the world. We are supposed to be ridiculous, living the way Christ lived, and would have us live.

Just Keep it Ridiculous!!!

love you all!


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh my gosh LoriJo, that brings back such great memories! I love looking back on how we saw things way back then.

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