On a visit to the dr. without insurance, pt 1

Hello, my dear blog, I haven’t been spending much quality time with you lately. I’ve got alot on my mind and not a whole lot going on, but I’ve been busy being sick. I’m not working except for some awesome babysitting jobs that have been helping me out and are fun too. I was sick the first week of February and then again this first and second week of march, but this time around I have been coughing so much that it made it hard to breathe, very scary. So, after several very rough nights, with Monday night being the last straw being up until almost 4am just coughing and trying to breathe; I called a couple dr/clinic places recommended to me by a couple friends.

As you know, I am not working and that usually means I’m also not insured for health insurance, so I wasn’t really sure what options I had, but was grateful to learn that there are options. I made my way to a family clinic over in moreno valley and signed in and waited. Filled out a bajillion papers and waited and waited. Finally filled out one last piece of information and forked over $46 in cash and my turn was soon.

When the nurse finally called my name, they did the usual taking of vitals, height, weight, blood pressure and temperature, then took me back and asked the typical routine health history questions. I think it was the first time a signicant piece of family history of death by cancer appeared on my health record since my dad died 2 years ago, (April). It was just weird. (and it’s almost how long I’ve been without health insurance)

Then it was time to wait in the exam room until my turn. I was glad to be this far, and waited my turn. Part way thru my wait, the Nurse Practitioner popped her head in and handed me a cup of water and a cough drop as she could hear me cough from outside the door. She told me she had one more patient and left. I was just encouraged by her going out of her way, kindness.

When it was finally my turn, as she came in she told me she was pretty sure she knew what I had just from hearing me cough the whole time. Bronchitis it is. I was very pleased with my healthcare experience and thankful that I was able to be seen and get a prescription so I can sleep and feel better.

I went to costco for the first time and waited for my prescription at their pharmacy, considering my hunger and thirst, as it was around 5 o’clock and I had left the house having eaten a bowl of cereal just before 12:30.

I wanted to make sure I had enough cash to pay for my prescription before I made any other purchases. After I paid for my new meds I walked to my car and excitedly realized where I was…in moreno valley…

…read the rest of the story tomorrow! ;)


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