A prayer

My awesome friend Rose and I have been sharing links back and forth this week and she sent this link to a site called Internet Cafe Devotions and as I read just a couple of them I knew I needed them.  I posted this prayer on my FB wall and have been re-reading it daily, or more than daily just finding it a prayer I need to pray right now.

Lord Jesus, I have a hard time waiting on your answers. Help me to be patient and wait for Your will to be done. I trust that you know my situations and trust that You will give me the strength to wait for Your perfect will to be done.

Lord I reject ways that are not your ways and pray that you help me to stand with my back to the world, my face turned towards You only. I give thanks for the answer that You will give me,

I give thanks for Your perfect will and pray for strength to accept the answer You will provide for all difficult situations in my life – for all prayers prayed – even if the answer doesn’t suit what I thought I wanted the answer to be. Lord I ask for You to remove “me” from “me” and replace “me” with YOU. I pray for there to be less of me and more of You – every day. It is in Your name, Jesus, we pray and give thanks, Amen

Check out the devotion, it’s encouraging, if you are in a place, a time of waiting.


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