Favorites: Art & Photography Blogs

My Five Favorite Art & Photography blogs:

This is a simple blog post. A short list of some of my favorite creative art & photography blogs. I was thinking about adding a favorite picture…but I really can’t pick. I really love these artists and admire their work, passion and art. I hope you will check out their blogs/sites and check them out. I have a few different categories to roll out, including music and worship blogs. Enjoy this one, it’s a feast for your eyes, provided you go look!

1. ART+PHOTO: PROMISE TANGEMANabsolutely creative and crafty and amazingly talented, she has a really fun flair and is amazing at everything she does: Photographer, Graphic Designer and Artist. {wife of Brian, who is awesome worship leader friend.}

2. ART+MORE: KELLI MURRAY of JEDIDIAHShe is an awesome artist, I am so glad she started blogging, I love her fun posts. I love her pictures – they are so whimsical!

3. ART+PHOTO: LEAH VIS – VIS PHOTOGRAPHY her photos are truly ART. they are stunning, beautiful, charming. and a beautiful passionate, creative friend.

4. PHOTOGRAPHY: DIETER ZANDER Daily Photo + website and amazing story: He had a stroke and started taking photos not long after. Keep reading for more.

5. PHOTOGRAPHY: JESSICA my amazing, dear friend with an amazing heart and such a creative eye, i love the way she sees the world! and i love that she got lost in the desert with me when we took pictures. she makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, it was so much fun!


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