He’s enough

arising in my soul
how can i just…waste my time
when there is so much hurt, brokenness in the world.
how can i …
what can i…

how do i even go about following this absurd voice asking me to write songs of hope and healing?
how do i do this and pay my bills? am i to look for meaningless work and spend the rest of my time pursuing this songwriting/leading/worshiping/warfare task…

how do i lead a life worthy of the calling i have received? (ephesians)

the task is so vague. and yet could it be more specific?

i see needs. i can’t figure out how to connect the dots. he calls me. he said write the songs.
he said he’d take care of me.
but i still worry.
the weight of the world. the voices of the world taunt me. just get a job. just do this. just do this. why don’t you just..

nothing makes sense. but i feel called to so much more than just…work.
so how?

continue seeking the one who calls me. continue pursuing his direction and leading.

for he has given me what i need in this moment. and that has to be enough.
Jesus is enough.


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