the bookstore game

Tonight was my favorite RD night so far. We met at Barnes & Noble instead of our usual spot, and we played this game. It was really fun, and I did feel loved when the girls picked books for me.  There were 6 of us sitting in the Cafe and Becca explained how it worked:

5 of us would go find a couple of books that described the one person who sat waiting for us. Whether words or pictures, we came up with some really fun, silly, and some really special and encouraging ones.  We took turns being the 1 waiting and then when the 5 returned they went around in a circle explaining why they picked the books they did.  This was fun, and encouraging. I felt totally loved when it was my turn to be described by books and pictures. I also had fun picking books for the other girls.

Two of the girls brought back similar books: Lindsay found a singing book, and Kristen brought back a songwriting book :D   ))LOVED(( :] I’m trying to remember the other ones..oh yeah Lindsay’s other choice was a Joyce Mayer book called Filled with the Spirit which was super encouraging, as were the things she said as she explained and described her choices. I loved Megan’s descriptions! She found a creative cupcake book and said I was playful. I can’t remember what the other book was…Bea was cute and found a travel book with a tropical beach on the cover, and Oh the Places You’ll Go…I wish I could remember the other book Kristen found…I think it was something about journeys…for some reason I cannot remember what Becca picked…we didn’t write anything down and put the books back each time, so as not to be pests to the employees.

I loved the fun, the silliness and the thoughtfulness that the girls put into each book, and the things they each shared, made me feel SOOO loved! It is clear that they are listening, and getting to know me and recognizing those things, and I love that :]


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