Sacred singleness and focus

“My present focus is learning to fall in love with Jesus, allowing Him to show me areas in my life that are not pleasing to Him, and ridding those things from my life. I am also learning to daily deny self and to pursue an intimate and passionate relationship with God, who has an amazing plan for my life. And for today, that wonderful plan has called me to singleness.” excerpt from a letter shared in Sacred Singleness, by Leslie Ludy.

And what a beautiful statement it is, I totally relate to this prayer. I’m in this same place of longing to fall so deeply and passionately and intimately in love with Christ that nothing else takes His place, but I’ve been awful at this, and it’s easy to find distractions and plenty of things taking our focus. I keep thinking ‘I’ll make time for you later, after this’, but it doesn’t stick and it’s not consistent.

Bring my focus back to you Lord, may all other things blur and tarnish in comparison with You.


Lori jo


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