I am willing to be willing


Carolyn Arends has a new album called Love Was Here First, which you can order here, at feedthelake.com

You can follow Carolyn on twitter

While I finish up the album review Tuesday night, I wanted to share this song, which caught me off guard as I read the lyrics as I listened to it. It speaks of where I am in my journey, and I can certainly echo this prayer.

WILLING by Carolyn Arends

You want the best for me but I don’t want to take it
Today it just seems to cost too much
I know to mend a heart sometimes You have to break it
But I don’t have the strength to choose that love

I am willing – to be willing
I am ready to be moved
I am longing – for the longing
That pulls me close to You

The only place I am filled is at Your table
And still I starve myself day after day
I cannot choose Your will unless You make me able
That’s why You say You are the only way

I’ll send the guards away who keep my heart
I’m making space for You, a place to start

Please pull me close to You


Check back on Wednesday for the full Album review :]


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