3 things: I feel, I hope, I know

Good Morning… :) I came up with this little triple delight last week. Something that Sandi Patty said at the Women of Faith conference really struck me and I have incorporated it into my accountability questions in RD (relational development, small group at Sandals):

Put the Truth before your feelings. This ties into the last point: I know needs to be a truth from Scripture, not just something I feel. Because our feelings are up and down, but God is constant, faithful and true.

I feel: old. like I overdid the furniture moving this weekend. A hint anxious about RD tonight. See next point
I hope: today is a good day and productive at work and that my lifemap isn’t unbearably long, tonight at RD, and that it all goes well.
I know: God is gracious.

Your turn?


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