Timing…and Patience

It starts with Timing…

timing patience4blog

…which leads me to think of my lack of Patience with God’s timing. Which as we learned Sunday, God’s timing is not our timing, and He is never early, and never late. His timing is exact, it is perfect timing.  And we have such a difficult time understanding His timing and how it seems like God has slow timing…or just…heavenly timing.


That is one of the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23.

It is one of my beloved passages in Scripture, it shapes my thinking and my worldview.


It’s my lack of patience that is a problem.

If patience is a fruit of the Spirit, then I’m clearly not bearing that fruit.

Ugh. This awareness last night in small group – makes me sad. That I am not living by the Spirit at all times.

So – it is a gentle reminder that I need more of God’s presence, in particular the presence of the Holy Spirit in me, to ask for it more constantly, and be more open to receiving Him, to be inviting Him to be WITH me. Not necessarily because he isn’t already there, because clearly, God is With us – Emmanuel. But rather, to acknowledge the gift of His Holy Spirit Presence.

I am learning a bunch of new stuff and I can’t wait to share with you more very soon :]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eddy says:

    Hi Lori

    Great post and love the new blog!


  2. Derek says:

    Good stuff.

    The difficult but freeing thing about bearing fruit is that you have to focus on the root of the tree more than the fruit.

    Keep digging.

    And, nice blog.

  3. Lori Jo says:

    Thanks for the love, Ed and Derek!

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