i’m moving!!

Blogs that is. Time to say goodbye to bamboosong…

I am moving to Lorijo.wordpress.com

So, please get ready update your blog feed reader or links :]

When I first started blogging, it wasn’t available and I just checked randomly today and it was!

I am ready for a fresh start, a new “place” and needed to change something, since I can’t actually move into a new place, or start a new school…this is my way of changing things up a bit! It’ll be a little slow transitioning old stuff, and organizing new categories, but I’ve got a new blog home! Now to just pack up and move the stuff that needs to come along!

One thing that is changing is I will be joining a new small group in a few weeks! I’m hoping to be in RD this year. {Relational Development}


blog headermoving


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