Your Name is Glorious Because…

Last night in between the corporate worship sets, we met in our small groups and then came back to worship corporately before we leave. I usually have a pretty good idea of the flow and transitions of the songs etc. like this:

  1. Glory to God Forever – Beeching & Fee
  2. Holy is the Lord – Tomlin
  3. You’ll Come – Fraser
  4. message
  5. Tear Down the Walls [Your Name is glorious + For all your sons and daughters..]
  6. challenge+prayer
  7. How great thou art [Then sings my soul]/how great is our God]
That was the plan. Not much changed in the structure, but rather it was added upon. read Psalm 93 at the beginning, pray here, etc.
I try to be listening as I plan, to see where God wants us to go, and to keep that as the priority and focus.  Sometimes it’s easier than other times. This week I didn’t have any troubles planning the music as I had sat in on the church worship rehearsal and had a pretty good idea of the focus-theme.
We had a full band, and it was fun to rejoice with all the instruments, and to not be behind the keyboard, as I had been the past 3 weeks. I was really pleased with the first part of our corporate worship time. In our small groups we talked about worship, and what we had learned and experienced on Sunday at church. Besides getting really excited about our conversation…which as you can see from my last post ‘faster’ worship excites me, i am super super passionate about it!!  Towards the end of our conversation my heart started pounding and I felt like God prompted me, impressed on my heart and put the thought into my mind, to ask the college group to stand up and speak ‘Your name is glorious because…’ or “God is glorious because_____” Totally out of nowhere.  So I took a leap and went with the promptings of the Spirit, and it was really cool, several people stood up and gave glory to God and then together we sang “Your name is glorious, glorious, your love is changing us, calling us to worship in spirit and in truth…” That was a really powerful moment; a great reminder why we do this, any of this.
All for God’s glory and honor and praise.
Soli Deo Gloria.

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