my heart beats faster
my speech gets faster
my heart is full
with the beauty
the complex simplicity of
the subject of the worship of our God

worshiping in spirit and in truth
holy, holy, holy is the lamb, who sits on the throne
trust and obedience
love and obedience
[love with all our hearts, souls and minds and strength]
deny self
new life

worship is more than music
music is just ONE way that we come to worship. praise softens our hearts, making us open
I believe God speaks through music but is not the only way.
{I kinda have a crush on music…but it’s not the end all}
worship in community, with fellow believers is powerful
worship in solitude, with our Creator, is powerful
worship is: ‘where your treasure is, there your heart will be also’

to be continued… <3
Sandals Church audio right here:

Check out the Sandals Vimeo to see the video’s from Sunday: (the last 4 are are from this past Sunday)


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